Ideal for use at all height ranges

With our truck mounted work platforms, you will definitely “fly high”. These machines enable work at heights of up to 65 metres and are particularly stable despite their large lateral outreach. Fast and short-term assignments can be carried out efficiently due to the great local flexibility. The perfect alternative to rigid scaffolding!

Smaller truck-mounted work platforms may be driven with a class B car driving licence. For medium working heights a truck driver's license (class C) is required. For all work platforms with a working height of more than 30 metres and a load capacity of more than 600 kilogrammes, we provide you with our experienced personnel to operate the equipment.

With driving licence "B"
With driving licence "C" (Truck)
With maltech staff

Equipment of our truck mounted platforms

In addition to working height (10 to 65 metres), outreach (5 to 36 metres) and load capacity (120 to 600 kilogrammes), the equipment of the truck-mounted work platforms varies. Depending on the application, a rotating work basket may be advantageous. In the course of other work requirements, a compressed air or high pressure water line may be required in the basket. And for other applications you are on the safe side with extra insulation for up to 1,000 volts.


Possible equipment

  • All-wheel drive
  • 230 V connection in work basket
  • Compressed air or water connection in the work basket
  • Loading area for tools and material (standard)
  • Powerlift System

New: In Vienna, the first fully electric truck mounted access platform is already in use, completely free of noise and pollutants. Learn more…

Your benefits at a glance

  • large lateral outreach
  • sensitive proportional control from the basket
  • low space requirement due to compact unit dimensions and variable supports
  • high load capacity in the work basket
  • great stability

Areas of application

The rental of truck mounted work platforms makes sense in many areas of application - especially when safety is of the essence when working at great heights. Examples are tree care and the maintenance of wind turbines and antennas.

The robust tools are also indispensable tools for work on roofs, exterior walls and façades - for example for roofers, painters or monument conservationists.

Other areas of application are trade fair construction, pest control, outdoor advertising or even film and television when spectacular pictures from elevated perspectives have to be taken.


Good to know: When truck mounted platforms are used in road traffic, a setup permit often is required. We will be happy to obtain this approval for you and erect the necessary barriers and information boards.