Areas of application: From production halls to warehouses and sales premises

Downtime during operation costs time, nerves and money. It is therefore important that the regularly required maintenance and servicing work can be carried out without problems and during operation. Narrow or angled entrances and limited space in production halls, warehouses or sales premises make these processes more difficult. maltech offers work platforms for industrial use with which you can reach all locations! 

Work platforms for industrial use

What are the advantages of using work platforms in industry and maintenance? Depending on the intended use, maltech provides machines with very compact dimensions, which optimally meet the special requirements in the industrial sector. Emission-free electric drive and the abrasion-resistant tyres are further advantages of the work platforms. 

The right machine for you

  • Personnel lifts: Small, manoeuvrable and with widths of 1 m and a unit height of 2 m, these units fit through normal industrial doors. Laterally, with personnel lifts you benefit from a reach of between 2 and 3 m. 
  • Telescopic articulated platforms: Thanks to the joint, these machines can be used to easily work over obstacles on the ground such as production machines. The jib enables the exact positioning of the work basket. The convincing result: with telescopic articulated work platforms, even hard-to-reach points can be reached. 
  • Scissor lifts: In slim designs, these machines are also indispensable in industrial environments. With their platform, scissor lifts ensure that despite their compact dimensions, large quantities of material can be transported.