Areas of application: Steel construction, electrical, fire protection & co.

The situation in the construction sector is characterised by a difficult economic environment. This makes it all the more important that all relevant activities on construction sites are carried out as efficiently as possible. Work platforms from maltech make an important contribution to this. 

Are you wondering which work platform is the right one for your industry? We would be pleased to inform you about the versatile use of work platforms in the construction industry!

Work platforms for construction companies, hall & steel construction

Increasing efficiency and reducing costs at the same time - this is what I think all construction companies strive for. Work platforms are important aids in hall and steel construction. They enable a quick and smooth assembly of prefabricated elements. In addition, the equipment contributes to the timely completion of the activities in the shell and finishing work.


The right machine for you

  • Telescope work platforms: They can be moved from above, offer a large lateral outreach and thus ensure fast and efficient work. All-wheel drive and oscillating axles ensure smooth operation, even on uneven construction site floors. The basket jib enables the exact positioning of the work basket.
  • Scissor lifts: Due to the large platform and the high load capacity, you can transport a lot of material with these machines. Scissor lifts are also available with all-wheel drive and swing axles. Level differences can be compensated by self-levelling supports.
  • Telehandlers: These units are among the true all-rounders. For example, you can bring building material quickly and easily from the storage yard or from the truck directly to the desired building level! By means of special attachments, telehandlers can also be used as a work platform or crane. Our customer consultants will be pleased to inform you about our extensive range of attachments.

Work platforms for the electrical industry

You want to install cables, cable ducts, distributors or fuse boxes on walls and ceilings? maltech work platforms are the economical alternative to ladders and rolling scaffolds. Without time-consuming up and down, individual assembly points are precisely approached and activities are carried out quickly and safely.


The right machine for you

  • Scissor lifts: In the framework of new installations, scissor lifts offer plenty of space for man and material. The units are offered with working heights from 6.5 to 27 m. 
  • Telescopic articulated platforms: When used in maintenance and repair, these devices make it possible to cross over obstacles such as mechanical systems. Telescopic articulated platforms are available with working heights from 11 to 20.3 m - narrow versions are also available for use in confined spaces. With their basket jib, this type of work platform ensures fast and exact positioning of the work basket.
  • Truck mounted platforms: Truck mounted platforms are ideally suited for the maintenance of street lighting: One lamp after the other can be approached quickly and easily by truck. The work platform is set up in a very short time and maintenance work is carried out safely and quickly. For the operation of the devices with working heights up to 27 m, a car driving licence (class B) is sufficient.


Work platforms in timber construction

Anyone who builds halls or roof constructions from wood knows: The fast and efficient installation of the building material on site is essential for the economic success of the project. The use of work platforms in timber construction enables the assembly of laminated beams, prefabricated roof elements to be attached to the beams and wall elements to be mounted. Fast and safe. 





The right machine for you

  • Telescope and telescopic articulated work platforms: Thanks to powerful all-wheel drive and oscillating axles, these machines also work efficiently on uneven job site floors. The large lateral outreach and the jib allow a quick and safe positioning of the work basket. Due to its high dead weight, this work platform does not require any supports. This means that one mounting point after the other can be easily accessed from above.

Work platforms in fire protection

Whether fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, spray water extinguishing systems or pipelines: Whenever the quick and efficient assembly of installations in fire protection is required, work platforms from maltech are a valuable aid. 


The right machine for you

  • Scissor lifts: On the large platforms of these units, sufficient material can be transported directly under the ceiling of the room. All scissor lifts are equipped with an extension to enlarge this platform. This allows several employees to work on the installation at the same time.
  • Telescopic articulated platforms: Thanks to their basket jib, the manoeuvrable telescopic articulated platforms allow the work basket to be positioned quickly and accurately. The units can be moved from above - so you don't waste time when you are heading for your next mounting point. For the maintenance and servicing of alarm systems and sprinkler systems, these work platforms offer absolute mobility. It is even possible to cross over obstacles. This way, even safety systems installed above mechanical equipment can be serviced quickly and easily.

Work platforms in the heating, ventilation and sanitation sectors

In the field of heating, ventilation and sanitation, pipes and tubes, ventilation ducts or ceiling heating systems are installed. Work platforms ensure that all these processes are carried out as efficiently and economically as possible. Unlike with ladders or rolling scaffolds, it is possible to access the individual mounting points quickly and easily - without time-consuming up and down.


The right machine for you


  • Scissor lifts: A large platform and high load capacity are the main features of these units. Scissor lifts offer plenty of space for man and material. This allows several people to work simultaneously and, above all, safely. 


  • Telescopic articulated platforms: For maintenance work or for assembly between trusses and structural elements, the use of telescopic articulated work platforms is ideal. The articulated joint and the jib make this type of machine particularly manoeuvrable. Fast and flexible manoeuvring is possible without problems even in cramped locations.