Versatile use & fast transport of goods

Forklift trucks are hard to beat when it comes to the variety of logistical applications. Basically they are used for the horizontal transport of goods and merchandise, including loading and unloading. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Forklifts are exceptionally fast and manoeuvrable, but can also lift heavy and extensive loads. Their lifting height varies depending on the model.

Good to know: Driving a forklift is very different from driving a regular motor vehicle. Added to this is the mastering of special work steps: picking up, lifting, lowering and setting down loads. In Austria, the use of a forklift truck requires a forklift license.


With pollutant-free battery drive
With off-road diesel four-wheel drive

Possible equipment levels

Electric forklifts are available for loads from 1.6 to five tonnes and with lifting heights of up to five metres. Thanks to the pollutant-free drive, they are perfectly suited for transporting goods inside buildings and warehouses. The interior use is additionally favoured by abrasion-free tyres.

All-terrain diesel forklifts can transport loads of up to three tonnes and reach lifting heights of up to five metres. They have all-wheel drive and a diesel particulate filter and are primarily used outdoors. The panoramic cabin offers excellent all-round visibility for particularly safe driving.

Their standard equipment includes:

  • load capacity display
  • fork extensions to 1,80 m
  • working lights front and rear
  • full cab with heating for comfortable work in all weather conditions
  • non-abrasive tyres for use on sensitive floors on the electric models

The benefits at a glance

  • triplex lift boom for compact transport dimensions and large lifting heights
  • finger control for comfortable and millimetre accurate moving of loads
  • integrated side shift for easy loading and unloading of the goods


Better safe than sorryAt maltech you can obtain the insurance for your rental forklift at the same time. 

Application areas

Forklifts prove their worth in goods handling and transport in all conceivable industries. They make a considerable contribution to a modern and efficient way of working. They are primarily designed for the transport of pallets. 

Forklifts are used in furniture production halls, warehouses, food and beverage markets, forwarding agencies ... and in numerous other areas.

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