The flexible all-rounder for construction sites & more

Telehandlers, also known as telescopic stackers, are available in fixed and rotating versions (called rotors). The flexible equipment lifts and moves building materials and other loads. They are equipped with a rotatable, lowerable and extendable telescopic arm. As a result, they work outstanding well even in confined spaces.

The advantage: The material to be moved can be picked up directly from the storage yard or truck and transported to higher floors without reloading. And all this without the need for a construction or freight elevator!

There is also the possibility of upgrading telescopic forklift trucks with a range of attachments. Forks, shovels, winches, baskets or load hooks are quickly mounted thanks to the quick-change system. Your telehandler can therefore be used optionally as a load crane, work platform, forklift, wheel loader and much more.

Rotatable telehandlers

Equipment level of our telehandlers

Our all-terrain telehandlers are available up to a lifting height of 25 metres. The maximum load capacity is twelve tonnes, their highest outreach is 21 metres. All rotor telehandlers can be rotated more than 360 degrees with their supports. 

Standard equipment: 

  • rigid with or without supports
  • rotatable with supports
  • Diesel all-wheel drive (with diesel particulate filter)
  • Load forks



  • Cable winch
  • Cable winch with lattice jib
  • Load hooks
  • Crane hook with hydraulic winch
  • Fork extension
  • Gravel shovel


Details about attachment parts for telescopic stackers ...

The benefits at a glance

  • safe work on the construction site due to 350 degree field of vision
  • efficient use through simple and safe operation
  • maximum mobility on difficult terrain due to all-wheel steering and all-wheel drive

Application areas

Telehandlers are most commonly used on construction sites. Similar to a forklift you can transport material from one place to another. However, contrary to a forklift, they are capable of lifting loads like a crane, for example when positioning façade parts or formwork. Their advantage: Telehandlers are much more mobile than cranes.

These jacks of all trades are also frequently used in agriculture. Thanks to their high flexibility, telehandlers can significantly accelerate work processes in a wide range of industries. Saving time and money: Who doesn't like that!

application areas