When light weight & compact dimensions are required

With the rental of trailer mounted work platforms maltech offers a light, compact and yet stable version of their work platform. Particularly on floors with low load-bearing capacity, the lightweight design represents a decisive advantage over heavy equipment and vehicles.

Thanks to their compact dimensions, trailer mounted platforms can reach even narrow and low locations, such as courtyards or entrance halls. Despite their small size, these machines can reach considerable working heights of up to 25 metres quickly and safely. 

Practical in every sense: You can pick up your trailer mounted work platform right away with your own car if you wish. Otherwise we will of course be happy to deliver the stage to you.


Equipment level of our trailer mounted platforms

Depending on the desired application, the following equipment features can be selected:

  • rotating basket
  • 230 V connection in work basket
  • hydraulic drive
  • petrol unit

Your benefits at a glance

  • compact transport dimensions
  • self pickup with your own car possible
  • hydraulic support
  • moveable by hydraulic drive
  • emission-free battery drive with built-in charger, or 230-volt mains operation
  • low weight with high stability

Application areas

Not every location is easily accessible - think of narrow driveways or small backyards! It is precisely in such cases that trailer mounted work platforms come in.

For example, as an alternative to truck mounted work platforms, which can reach heights of up to 65 metres, but take up a lot of space. Or instead of inflexible scaffolding, which requires a lot of time and effort to set up and dismantle. 

A common use of trailer mounted platforms is for work on roofs and walls, such as installing gutters, renovating pitched roofs or inspecting storm damage. 

The compact, flexible stages are also ideal for the work of painters and decorators. Paint walls, plaster façades or apply thermal insulation: They make such work much easier.

The rental of trailer mounted platforms is popular for pest control, too. The safe removal of pigeon nesting places or the installation of a nesting place defence can thus be carried out just as efficiently.


Areas of application