Areas of application: tree care, monument protection, telecommunications and wind energy

From tree care to monument protection, telecommunications and activities in the wind energy sector: Whenever work is carried out at height and under difficult conditions, maltech work platforms are valuable aids. Find out now which machines are best suited for use in the infrastructure and environmental sectors!


Your service plus with maltech: In many situations, different permits and safeguards are required. On request, we will be happy to take care of obtaining setup permits and organise the necessary barrier measures as well as the installation of the necessary warning and information boards. 

Work platforms for tree care

Trees grow into the sky - and maltech work platforms simply grow with them. To ensure traffic safety in an avenue, is tree pruning necessary? The crowning of a tree in the backyard is pending? A dead oak tree is at risk of falling over? In all these cases mobile work platforms from maltech are your cost-effective and efficient work platform.

Arborists and arboriculturists benefit from a wide range of products for a variety of applications. This enables efficient and safe working even at great heights - exactly where you want to go!


The right machine for you

  • Truck mounted platforms: Due to a large lateral outreach, these units can be placed at a sufficient distance from the tree. If branches fall down, the work platforms remain undamaged. Anyone who chooses a machine with a basket jib benefits from increased mobility when working. At the same time the ideal positioning of the work basket is facilitated. 
  • Special-purpose work platforms: What distinguishes the special work platforms on crawler tracks? These units are extremely all-terrain capable and can also be set up on slopes thanks to extremely variable supports. Very narrow transport widths also allow the entry into winding backyards.
  • Telescope work platforms: Telescope work platforms are ideal for trimming trees along avenues. The units can be moved from above and thus ensure that cutting or maintenance work can be carried out quickly.

Work platforms for monument protection

Austria's towns and cities are rich in magnificent historical buildings, important churches, chapels and monasteries as well as castles steeped in history. Replace damaged stones at great heights, remove dirt or carry out further restoration and rehabilitation work: The use of work platforms is essential for the maintenance of cultural heritage.


The right machine for you

  • Truck mounted platforms: With their sensitive proportional controls, these machines enable precise and accurate work on monuments. In addition, truck mounted platforms can be used to reach working points at heights of up to 65 m quickly and safely.
  • Work platforms with track drive: For use in backyards or churches, work platforms with track drive are ideal. They convince with narrow transport dimensions and high gradeability. Even driving over steps and stairs is no problem.

Work platforms for the telecommunications industry

What role do work platforms play in the telecommunications industry? An important one, that's for sure! The areas of application include:

  • LOS tests: Carry out measurements to connect the future antenna sites
  • Drive tests: Check the reach of the future location
  • Turn-Keys: Set up the transmitter mast including antennas
  • Maintenance and control of existing antennas


The right machine for you

  • Truck mounted platforms: With working heights of up to 65 m and a large lateral outreach, these units are the perfect work platforms in countless situations. Whether you control the unit yourself or work with maltech's experienced operating personnel: By quickly setting up the work platforms on site, several antenna sites can be approached one after the other - simply and efficiently.

Work platforms in the wind energy sector

For work on wind turbines that reach into lofty heights, work platforms from maltech are the ideal support. Whether maintenance and cleaning of the rotor blades and the drive or inspection of the technical acceptance: Secure your stable and fast access aid!


The right machine for you

  • Truck mounted platforms: With these machines, working heights of up to 65 m can be reached without any problems. The control by maltech's experienced operating personnel ensures that the rotor blades are not damaged during the work.