Useful information about buying work platforms

What is a work platform?

By definition, a work platform is a special piece of equipment that can be used to carry out various activities safely at height. As soon as the so-called access platform is combined with a hydraulic or electromechanical drive, it is called an aerial work platform. It usually has an entrance and exit at the bottom. The mechanical components vary - from moveable arms, to scissor constructions, to vertical booms. 


Where can work platforms be used?

In many situations work platforms are the comfortable and safe alternative to scaffolding. Especially if you want to buy a work platform, the question of where it is to be used is crucial. In a first step, a distinction is made in this respect between indoor and outdoor use.


Indoors ...

... the use of electrically driven work platforms are generally possible.

... the ground is usually paved, which is why equipment with tyre types that leave no marks even on sensitive ground is chosen.


Outdoors ...

... both electric and powerful diesel powered work platforms can be used.

... tyres with a coarse tread or special off-road equipment ensure a secure grip.

For which work are work platforms required?

With a work platform, activities at height can be carried out quickly, safely and efficiently. The diverse areas of application range from façade and roof work to tree trimming and the attachment of large-format posters.


Each job places very individual demands on the equipment: If the location is changed frequently, for example, a solution that is as mobile as possible is required. If it is necessary to transport many people and a large amount of material at the same time, this also influences the choice of work platform. We will be happy to help you find the model that is best for you. Enquire now!

What type of work platform is best for me?


The ideal type of work platform depends on the respective application. In general, a distinction is made according to the following criteria:


  • anchored or moveable: firmly connected to a construction vs. freely moveable. maltech only has mobile equipment available
  • type of lift system: scissor lifts, articulated telescopic lifts, boom lifts, mast climbing platforms, etc. 
  • type of lifting drive: hydraulics, cable mechanism, gear or worm drive
  • movability: mounted on truck frame, rail vehicle, slow moving frame including wheels, crawler chassis, spreader frame or trailers
  • load capacity: from 200 kg to 1,000 kg
  • height: low (up to about 12 m), medium (up to about 30 m) and tall (up to 100 m)
  • lifting speed: low or high

When should a work platform be self-propelled? 

Work platforms with a mobile base are always used when flexible equipment is needed. In other words, when, for example, a quick and easy change of location without additional machines is required. 


Who may operate a work platform?

According to the legal regulations, the following points must be fulfilled for a person to be allowed to operate a work platform:

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Be in full possession of their physical and mental strength (the person must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, have any physical or mental disability or, if applicable, be afraid of heights)
  • Instructed in the operation of the work platform or forklift
  • The person must have been instructed by the employer to operate the machine and must have received instruction from the employer (e.g. using the M820 brochure from AUVA)
  • The operating instructions of the machine must have been read and understood.
  • If several people work on a work platform, the employer must appoint a supervisor.



Is it possible to operate a work platform without a special authorisation certificate?

Yes, in Austria no special proof of authorisation is required for the operation of work platforms. For driving certain types of truck mounted platforms, a class B car driving licence is sufficient. At maltech these are truck mounted platforms, from MTG 10E to MTG 28,5B. A forklift driver's license is required for operating forklifts.

If you are unsure whether the desired machine can be operated without a license: our specialists are glad to help you.


Which regulations should be respected in connection with a work platform?


The following technical construction guidelines must be observed for equipment offered by maltech:

European Norm Scope of application Validity
EN 280 Mobile work platforms from 2001
EN 1726 Forklifts from 2000
EN 15000 (crane standard) Telehandlers from 2010


Equipment placed on the market in the European Union must comply with these standards. This is confirmed by the CE mark (or the CE declaration of conformity) by the manufacturer. With this mark or declaration, the manufacturer assures that his equipment has been designed and built in accordance with the provisions and standards of these directives.

Important: When purchasing the platform, make sure that you are provided with these documents. At maltech you receive the CE certificate together with an inspection book.


How much does it cost to rent a work platform per day?

How much it costs to rent a work platform depends entirely on the equipment, the rental period and the equipment insurance. Depending on working height, reach and load capacity, not only the models but also the costs vary. It also makes a difference in price whether you want to insure the rental equipment additionally against equipment damage and/or equipment theft.

We would be pleased to make you an individual offer - and provide you with more detailed information about the rental of work platforms.


What does the purchase of a work platform cost?

Model, age, equipment, performance etc. are all aspects that have an impact on the purchase cost of a work platform. Especially in the used sector you can benefit from considerable savings if you compare prices carefully. Another tip: keep an eye on the overall offer! In addition to the actual purchase price, the costs of any equipment delivery, for example, must also be considered. Let us advise you in this regard!


What are the advantages of buying a new or used work platform?

Regardless of whether you want to buy a new or used machine, the work platform should be in perfect technical condition. The price advantage of used equipment is obvious, which is why it is definitely worth considering corresponding offers when buying. However, a precise documentation of the age, the previous owners as well as the operating hours is important. Complete inspection and maintenance records are an absolute plus.


A must: personal inspection of the work platform for sale. Both new and used equipment should be checked to ensure that they are working without any problems. In addition, it is important to rule out functional or safety-relevant defects and to clarify the rapid availability of spare parts.