The solution for narrow spaces & difficult terrain

Special-purpose work platforms at maltech include work platforms with crawler tracks and personnel lifts.

The renting of special-purpose work platforms with crawler chassis mainly concerns applications in difficult terrain. This has various reasons: Firstly, the already low dead weight of these machines is distributed over the powerful drive tracks. This means that substrates are only slightly stressed. This allows you to work on sensitive floors such as tiles and parquet, on floors with basements underneath or on floors with underfloor heating at any time.

Secondly, the all-terrain variants with variable support can also be used on slopes. And thirdly, thanks to their compact transport dimensions, these work platforms can reach even narrow places and places that are difficult to access.


Personnel lifts are small, light and agile. Therefore, they are mainly used in very cramped conditions. With a width of one meter and a machine height of two metres, they even fit through regular industrial doors. Their lateral outreach is two to three metres.


Our special-purpose work platforms also include extremely narrow telescope work platforms. They even fit through standard doors and are suitable for working heights of up to 22 metres. Further advantages are their low dead weight and the variable support. Learn more about telescope work platforms ...


Special-purpose work platforms with crawler chassis
Narrow special-purpose work platforms with support
Personnel lifts

Equipment level of our special-purpose work platforms

Special-purpose work platforms with track drive that can be rented from maltech are suitable for working heights of up to 40 metres and carry up to 400 kilogrammes. You can choose between diesel and electric drive and equipment with or without supports. 

All our personnel lifts are battery operated. They reach heights of up to 13 metres, with a maximum load capacity of 230 kilogrammes. 

Your benefits at a glance

Advantages of special-purpose work platforms with track drive:

  • compact transport dimensions
  • mobile and agile thanks to basket arm
  • powerful and, thanks to the track drive, can also be used in extremely difficult terrain
  • emission-free electric drive available for indoor use
  • abrasion-free tracks for working on sensitive ground

Advantages of personnel lifts:

  • extremely compact for working at heights in confined spaces
  • basket arm for optimal positioning of the basket
  • non-abrasive tyres for use on sensitive floors

Regardless of which type of special-purpose work platform is right for you: Send us your non-obligation enquiry today!

Application areas

Our work platforms with crawler chassis are made for tree care. Thanks to their special construction, they can be used both off-road and in backyards. These machines are often used for glass element installation, for example in foyers. 

Their space advantage is also used in the preservation of historical monuments. Courtyards, churches, steps and stairs – no problem. Strict conditions? We at maltech are happy to take care of setup permits and barriers!

Industrial cleaning without leaving traces? Special-purpose work platforms from maltech make it possible!

For maintenance and repair in industrial companies, however, personnel lifts are more suitable. From production halls to warehouses and sales premises: Compact special-purpose platforms even pass through narrow and winding entrances. This means that in the event of a malfunction, quick and efficient action can be taken even during operation.