High load capacity & lots of space for man and material

Scissor lifts are self-propelled. This means that they can be controlled from the platform as required – a decisive advantage! This eliminates the need for constant raising and lowering. And it accelerates work processes and saves costs. With maltech you can make your operations more efficient than ever!

Renting scissor lifts not only makes sense due to their mobility. Thanks to their large platform and high load capacity, they can transport a lot of material up to 1,000 kilogrammes. Ideal for work that does not require lateral outreach!

Noise and fumes? Not necessary! At maltech you can also rent battery operated work platforms.

Scissor lifts are available in electric, hybrid and diesel powered versions with working heights of up to 27 metres. The size of the platform varies depending on the working height and width of the machine. Scissor lifts can be used to transport loads of between 250 kilogrammes and one tonne.

Lack of space? For areas that are difficult to access, maltech offers particularly narrow versions of scissor lifts.



Equipment level of our scissor lifts

  • electric, hybrid or diesel drive
  • non-abrasive tyres for use on sensitive floors
  • all-wheel drive and swing axle for use in difficult terrain
  • self-levelling supports for levelling uneven ground

Your benefits at a glance

  • without supports: moveable from above
  • large platform
  • high load capacity up to 1.000 kg
  • narrow designs for small and narrow areas of application

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Application areas

Everywhere where plenty of space for man and material is required, renting scissor lifts is a viable option. Both heavy tools and several people at once can be lifted up to the height without any problems with this type of work platform.

The advantages of these machines are particularly evident on construction sites. Equipped with all-wheel drive and swing axles, they offer safe work platforms, even in difficult terrain. In case of unevenness, level differences are compensated by self-levelling supports. 

The assembly of trapezoidal sheet metal or façade panels on steel structures is a clear case for the use of scissor lifts. Straight models with a large platform provide optimal access for welding or bolting operations. An efficient alternative to climbing frames!

For the installation of cables, cable ducts, distributors and fuse boxes on walls and ceilings, work platforms are also more economical than ladders and rolling scaffolds. This means that electricians can also enjoy the advantages of scissor lifts.

Painters and decorators can carry out their work much more safely with this type of equipment than with ladders. And in the trade fair construction sector, people are happy about work equipment that leaves no traces on sensitive floors. 

Further areas of application of scissor lifts are the carrying of lighting systems at events and on film sets, the re-glazing of façades and the installation of cables and pipes.

areas of application