Applications: from cleaning to pest control

The term building management covers numerous activities from cleaning to the construction of sun protection systems and pest control. Works by glaziers and painters also fall into this category. Work platforms from maltech help to carry out various activities on buildings as efficiently and safely as possible. What else you should know about the use of work platforms in building management, we would be happy to explain to you!


On the safe side with maltech. Regardless of which machine you choose: Work alongside moving road traffic often requires a setup permit to be obtained. We will be happy to organise these for you, erect the necessary barriers or set up warning and information boards.

Work platforms for glaziers

New glazing of façades or canopies, maintenance or repair work on glass structures, replacement of hard-to-reach window sashes ... Work platforms offer crystal-clear advantages when carrying out various activities. High façades, roof constructions or glass domes: These units from maltech support glaziers in the fast and secure processing of orders.


The right machine for you

  • Scissor lifts: Scissor lifts are the ideal solution for anyone who wants to transport several employees, including material and tools, to the top. The advantages of these machines are the large platform and the resulting high load capacity. Scissor lifts are the optimal tool if they can be placed directly at or under the installation point. They can be moved from the platform and are therefore ideally suited for new glazing of façades and strip lighting.
  • Truck mounted platforms: These machines are perfect for quick and short-term use such as repair work. Thanks to the large lateral outreach of truck mounted platforms, tasks are possible even if the equipment cannot be set up directly on the object. 
  • Special-purpose work platforms: With their compact transport dimensions, special-purpose work platforms can also get through narrow access routes such as foyers or inner courtyards. The weight is evenly distributed on the abrasion-resistant drive tracks, so that even work in rooms with cellars or on sensitive floors is possible. 

Work platforms for painters and decorators

The range of work of painters and decorators is wide: Give walls a new coat of paint, apply full thermal insulation or corrosion protection, renovate, paint, plaster or design façades ... In most cases it is necessary to work on large and high areas. A work platform from maltech proves to be a favourable alternative to scaffolding when carrying out these activities.

The benefit for you:

  • The cumbersome transport and time-consuming erection of the scaffolding is no longer necessary.
  • The work can always be carried out at the optimum height without bending and stretching.
  • Working materials are transported up and down quickly and easily.

The right machine for you

  • Truck mounted platforms: With these devices you can quickly reach your work area, get up to the top and be prepared to start quickly. The high lateral outreach and sensitive proportional control enable painters and decorators to work easily and efficiently. 
  • Scissor lifts: Scissor lifts are the ideal choice whenever the machine can be set up directly on the wall to be worked on. With their large platform and high load capacity, these units enable much faster and safer work than with ladders. 
  • Trailer mounted platforms: Particularly compact dimensions make these units ideal for working in narrow access roads or in entrance halls. With trailer mounted platforms, working heights of 25 m can be reached. 

Work platforms in cleaning

Different building structures, narrow access roads, scarce installation space, flowing traffic and possibly ongoing production: Anyone who works in glass, façade or industrial cleaning knows the challenge posed by high-altitude cleaning work in large factory halls. Are you looking for quick and easy cleaning with a spotlessly clean result? maltech offers the optimal work platform for almost all requirements.


The right machine for you

  • Truck mounted platforms: Get up there and get to work: These units are flexible access aids in outdoor areas, with a high lateral outreach while maintaining the same basket load. Their sensitive proportional controls enable fast and efficient work. Truck mounted platforms with a special crank swivel table construction are ideal for roadside cleaning operations: The device always remains in the contour of the vehicle, so the flowing traffic is not impaired.
  • Special-purpose or telescopic articulated work platforms: Fast, light and manoeuvrable, these machines are used primarily indoors. Thanks to the narrow transport dimensions, even production halls or foyers that are difficult to access can be reached. Abrasion-free tyres or tracks leave no marks even on sensitive floors. 

Work platforms for the construction of sun protection systems

The installation and maintenance of sun protection systems and roller shutters often require work at height. With maltech work platforms you can reach your "workplace" quickly and efficiently - regardless of whether you are servicing electric drives for sun protection systems on single-family homes or installing guide rails on multistorey office or residential buildings. 


The right machine for you

  • Truck mounted platforms: Due to their large lateral outreach, you can work with these machines even when they are not directly on the object. Truck mounted platforms, which can be driven with a car driving licence (class B), allow working heights up to 27 m. 

Work platforms in pest control

Especially in cities, pigeon defence systems are installed as approach protection or nesting spots are removed. What is needed for efficient pest control are compact and fast access aids - like maltech's work platforms.


The right machine for you

  • Truck mounted platforms: Our design with narrow supports and with a cranked swivel table ensures that the work platform always remains within the contours of the vehicle when used next to the road. Truck mounted platforms thus enable the efficient execution of activities without disturbing traffic flow. The units are also quick to set up and remove. This makes it easy to handle several objects in one working day. 
  • Trailer mounted platforms: Thanks to the particularly narrow transport dimensions, these units are ideal for working in backyards. Nesting spots are removed efficiently and safely or a nesting place defence is installed.