Only with the right accessories!

Telehandlers stand out for their flexible application – thanks to the diverse accessories! The units are all-terrain-capable and lift up to five tonnes of material. The lifting height is up to 25 metres. The telehandlers are equipped with a mobile telescopic arm. Rotor-Telehandlers additionally are rotatable.


But only the right attachment parts render the telehandlers to allround-talents! Who needs cranes, freight elevators, forklifts etc. when there are telehandlers?


The best: Thanks to the handy quick-change-system every attachment part is quickly mounted. There is hardly more flexibility. Especially in the construction sector processes can easily be optimized with these characteristics. Efficient work holds high potential for savings regarding time and money. The following attachment parts are available al maltech:

Winches & Load Hooks

If you mount winches or load hooks, telescopic stackers will reliably do crane work. Depending on the application area, you will need hydraulic winches in simple version or with a lattice jib (prolonged crane arm), and depending on the load there are different types of crane hooks available. They can lift weight up to five tonnes and up to a height of 25 metres. The full view of the load is guaranteed by using the available remote control. The purchase of a construction hoist or freight elevator will thus become obsolete.

Fork Extension

The 2 metres long fork extensions, which can easily and fast be pushed over the standard forks, allow the transport and handling of bulky goods and broad loads, e.g., parts of ventilation systems. In combination with our manoeuvrable telehandlers you can lift parts like steel girders or ventilation units and precisely position them for installation, thanks to all-wheel-drive, crab steering and lateral displacement.

Lightweight Shovel

The large volume lightweight shovel, which can easily and fast be mounted onto the fork carriage, provides a capacity of 800 litres and 1,440 kilogrammes. Therefore, it is ideally suited for the transport and accumulation of light bulk material, e.g., wood chips. Thanks to our manoeuvrable telehandlers and crab steering, this is possible even in the narrowest spaces. Due to its width of 2 metres, it can also be used for handling big and lightweight parts, e.g., the removal of formwork panels while stripping a bridge construction.